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Mosquito Net For Window

Pleated Mosquito Net is the most widely used insect protection system forwindows. The product is Zigzag mesh mounted on aluminum handle moving horizontally on tension cords. The zigzag mesh made of polyester and is water proof, dust proof, fade resistant and durable. Our polyester zigzag plisse mesh is tested for 100000 cycles. The movement is very smooth due to wheel mounted control unit and closes in very small stacking space. The tensioning cords run parallel in zigzag mesh to give support against wind pressure. Pleated mosquito net can be used for windy areas like large doors and balconies.
The product offers wide views, circulation of fresh air & lot of natural light while preventing pests from flying inside the house. It can be easily installed on UPVC, Aluminum and windows. We are the bulk suppliers of pleated mosquito net to leading doors & windows manufacturers.

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